Full time Art Director

Currently working at Doner in Detroit...well actually Southfield

Freelance Art Director Huge 16’
Working under Aaron Doyle and Justin Norman I created Digital Advertising for primarily on Ram but also assisted on Art Direction for Dodge, Alpha Romeo, 
and Chrysler. I enjoyed leading projects with many digital partners such as Rollingstone, Nfl.com, and Bleacher Report. I also directed the team in our sister agency 
in Columbia on various digital campaigns.

Associate Art Director Huge 15-16’
Working under Julie Trevas and Chris Handyside I created Retail, online advertising, and Digital Advertising for Buick and GMC. 
Worked on Puma (Boston Office), Harley Davidson, Baskin Robbins, EBay (San Francisco Office) and various pitched clients.

Jr. Art Director Huge 14-15’
Worked in the design group to create CRM, print, and digital elements for Camaro and Corvette.
We also created graphics, murals, and memorabilia for the International General Motors Office
in Singapore. Yes, in Singapore, and worked closely with ECD Gary Pascoe.

Education College for Creative Studies 15’
Bachelor of Fine Arts Advertising Design

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