About Me...

After Ndubisi graduated from College for Creative Studies in 2015 with a B.F.A in Advertising Design. He has worked as an Art Director for many agencies working for clients such as General Motors, Puma, Ram, Chrysler, Summa Health, Dodge, Red Bull, Camaro, Adobe, and Dreamville Records. Simultaneously, He has also done murals for Wayne State University, Mercedes Benz Corporation, GM, and HGTV. In both commercial Advertising and Fine Arts he continuously finds ways to enjoy and excel at both in Detroit.

Artist Statement
I am a multidisciplinary Artist with a passion for art and design that tells a story. Through my drawings and designs, I use those unique stories to motivate and inspire people. Growing in Detroit taught me how to multitask, refine my craft, and to be self-motivated with my art. I love Detroit because it is a city of creative, diverse, and inspirational people. I hope to carry the same passion for hard work, excellent craft, and art that tells a story throughout my career.

The combinations linear, circular, geometric, color palettes, and organic patterns represent an improvised rhythm throughout my work that is visually exciting. They are a visual jazz that gives excitement, interest, and spontaneity to the person. My stories are drawn from people, social issues, and phrases from the Black and Christian communities. I believe these subjects give a unique viewpoint of how I see the world.

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