Detroit is a Black Woman
This project was the first of many beautification projects for the 8-mile Boulevard Association in Michigan. I was selected to represent Detroit's part of 8mile with an 80ft mural. The mural represents Detroit and how the history, culture, and beauty are the same as black women in America. I wrote a poem that further explains the metaphor below. You can view the mural here.
powerful, and underestimated.
She’s the Fashion District and Flower Day.
Eccentric and stereotyped.
Jazz, gospel, and techno.
The riots and regeneration.
She’s Paradise Valley and Black Bottom.
She's unrelenting
and not here for your think piece.
She’s black girl magic.
She’s Mexican town and 8 mile.
Where culture and creativity clash.
The backbone and uncredited muse of America.
Detroit is a Black woman.
Show her respect.
Photo credit: Detroit Free Press, Mercedez Benz Finacial Services, 
Community Volunteers, Shauntelle boyer and 8-mile Boulevard Association.

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