Dreamville and Adobe Commissioned me to create a poster for the 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour. The poster was created for the New Orleans, LA show 3/23. The piece represents the city of New Orleans and the elements of J.Cole's album 2014 Forest Hills Drive; Money, Social Injustice, and genuine love. I illustrated the social injustices that occurred during hurricane Katrina, Ferguson, money, J.cole's childhood home, and his facial features to create this piece. I enjoyed the process and the outcome. Thanks Adobe and Dreamville for the opportunity.
I didnt like this one so I went back to the drawing board.
The heart represents love, the Madi Gras beads represent New Orleans, The money is representative
of the the riches that come with fame.
This is J.cole's childhood home 
The portestors are from Ferguson, MO and New Orleans, LA which addresses the social aspect of the album and the Superdome and water represent Hurricane Katrina.
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Lawrence Lamont Director of the G.O.M.D video also
shot in New Orleans and debuted March 23.
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