Merit Goodness + Fate Program 
Since becoming the creative director of Merit I have established  the branded guidelines, social media content, brand marketing, and email marketing for Merit Goodness and Fate Program. I wanted to give the Fate Program a playful and youthful art direction because the programing is centered around youth, fun, and creativity. Merit's art direction was made to be refined, simple, seasonal, and product focused.  

Merit produces high quality clothing that helps kids get to college. Every 26 seconds, a kid in America drops out of high school. Merit is cause by design. For the past four years, 20% of all purchases have funded college scholarships for underserved youth enrolled in the Fate Program.

What’s so unique about Merit is that we aren’t just raising money for youth to have money for college, but we’re walking with them, hand-in-hand. Making sure they have sufficient tools to reach this milestone. Our very own FATE program works with close to 50 students in the Detroit area, preparing them to embrace their education and become world-class citizens.​​​​​​​
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