Olegirl in Atlanta is meant to encourage Black Americans in Atlanta and across America. America is experiencing a new black renaissance in art and entertainment. Atlanta is the capital of this new renaissance and this mural celebrates that. The phrase "Oh you thought we were done? Nahh this Black Renaissance has just begun!" personifies that thought. This mural was 40ft high by 25 ft wide in Atlanta, Georgia. Located here on the Atlanta Beltline. This mural is the beginning of an artistic universe called "Olegirl & Whatsthename".

Whatsthename and Olegirl are characters in an artistic universe that are explored through public art and poetry. The phrases Whatsthename and Olegirl are colloquialisms in the Black community to refer to people. These characters were created to show the African Diaspora, faith in God in the presence of indifference, and social commentary on political issues. I want to show the power, beauty, and complexity in blackness. See the beginning of the poem at the site.

Creative Direction/Design/Illustration/painting: Ndubisi Okoye
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