These are the tools I use to run my business as a muralist, hand-letterer, designer, and artist. No one gave me the tools as younger creative, and I hope to help others by providing these tools freely. These tools don't automatically make you a better creative; hard work and continual practice do. I hope that these tools help you as much as they have helped me and inspire you to share your tools and tips with others as you see fit.
Mural Painting

Projector  or Doodle grid for easy tracing designs on walls
Behr One Coat Matte Paint for Interior/Exterior Walls
1 Shot Enamel for painting on small wood pieces or glass
Primer for preparing walls for painting
Brushes for painting Interior/Exterior Walls 
Tape for taping tarp or designs to a wall & maintain clean edges.
Tarp to protect the flooring
Camera I use for photography (You don't need this model specifically)
The Lighting setup I use to shoot


Ade Bézier Method for creating vector letters 
Stefan Kunz Lettering Book to learn how to hand-lettering
How to get ideas  for generating ideas
Freelance, and Business, and Stuff for running a creative business
Graphic Artists Guild Handbook for Pricing & Ethical Guidelines

Email Marketing

Digital Art

iPad pro + Apple Pencil for digital drawing
Macbook pro to create on the go
Astropad to use iPad as a tablet
Procreate to draw digitally on iPad or phone
Adobe Sketch for digital drawing
Creative Cloud for creative programs
Letter Builder Bundle to hand-letter with easy guides
Procreate brushes (I mostly use the default ones though)


Creative Inspiration

Striving Artist Podcast by Stefan Kunz and Lauren Hom
Creative classes by Lauren Hom
Ten Hundred muralists by Ten Hun
Beleaf in fatherhood storytelling about fatherhood 
and creativity by BleafMel
Behance some projects I like looking at

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